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 William H. Jones Jr.
Summary of qualifications Mr. Jones’ 26+ years of experience include Windows NT 3.51, 4.0, 2000/2003 Server administration, Web Design, data processing, report creation, database maintenance, real-time satellite support, voice communications, computer operations and maintenance. Extensive knowledge of Personal Computers and operating systems which include, WINDOWS 95 & 98, 2000, XP. Mr. Jones has extensive knowledge of software applications such as Microsoft Office, Frontpage, IIS, Microsoft Site Server, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, and many others. He is proficient with SQL Server, Clusters and SMS.
Professional experience Fannie Mae
(June 2003 - present)

As an Engineer for Fannie Mae, responsibilities include building, imaging, monitoring, upgrading, networking, patching and all related maintenance for the over 1000 Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 servers in the Fannie Mae Data Center.

For Your Information, Inc.
(September 1999 - June 2003)

As the Webmaster and Web Server Administrator for the Coast Guard Headquarters Intranet, responsibilities include designing, building, administrating and maintaining the Web Enterprise for the Headquarters Intranet which consisted of 2 COMPAQ ML530 (Dual 866 processors, ˝ gig of Ram, 9 gig C: drive and 2-30 gig Seagate drives mirrored for the D: drive) Both servers have been rebuilt from scratch to Windows 2000. Server administration is done through Microsoft's Terminal Services. One of the servers was divided into 2 virtual servers for the Intranet using IIS 4.0 with Frontpage 2000 Extensions and Northern Technologies Quotaserver 4.6. The other server also has 2 Virtual servers, Frontpage 2000 Extensions, along with Microsoft Site Server 3.0and  SQL 7.0.  Both servers are monitored, upgraded and patched when needed. Duties also included assisting over 250 Frontpage and web users with developing their web pages and any problems incurred doing so. Mr. Jones also has knowledge of JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, Flash 4, FrontPage and Adobe web design.

(October 1996 – September 1999)

As a Systems Analyst / System Administrator for United States Coast Guard Headquarters, responsibilities include Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 administration, server and workstation design and building, network operations, installation,  configuration and backup using Cheyene ArcServe and Backup Exec. Mr. Jones was one of 30 people on the support staff for over 2500 users and 150 software applications. Additional duties include administration and package creation using Microsoft's System Management Server 1.2 & 2.0 and troubleshooting any and all software and hardware problems.  

Computer Sciences Corporation (12 years). 

Responsible for the management of the Flight Dynamics Operations Area, including monitoring of all systems and subsystems, data communications links, scheduling telemetry passes, playbacks of data, routine maintenance of all hardware and software applications, report generation and assist all entities with problem solving.

Previously responsible for all Mission Coordination activities in the Flight Dynamics Facility for Shuttle and Expendable Launch Vehicle missions. This includes creation of Mission Support Plans, overseeing acquisition data transmissions, console support, external voice interface, attending meetings, upkeep of Network documentation, and general knowledge of the FDF support capabilities.

With Landsat, responsible for production control activities for the Landsat 4 and 5 satellites. Responsible for processing Thematic Mapper (TM) and MSS data from acquisition to uplink, utilizing DEC 2050 and 2060 computers. Duties entailed planning, organizing, identifying, and resolving problems related to the database, database maintenance, processing the data, creating and maintaining all reports for acquisition of Landsat 4/5 data, scene scheduling and  supervision of up to three data technicians. He was an integral part of data processing for the Desert Storm Initiative. 

Initially responsible for total operation of the Univac 1100/81A, from batch and demand work to file maintenance and software maintenance as a Computer Operator.

Lockheed Corporation (7 mos.)

Computer Operator - Responsible for production work for satellites, boot procedures, and general operating procedures on the Univac 1100/82 computer system.

Computer Sciences Technicolor Associates (3-1/2 years). 

Computer Operator - Duties were similar to those shown above for Lockheed Corporation while employed by the prior contractor.

Objective Mr. Jones interests include Server administration, Web page design and development, NT/2000/2003 Administration, Hardware and Software Installation, Networking, assembling and maintaining personal computers and all Server and PC based applications.
Hobbies Mr. Jones current hobbies include Web Design and building and maintaining an Active Directory Windows network at home.
Security clearance Mr. Jones previously had a 'SECRET' security clearance until it was no longer needed.